Thursday, 22 July 2010

Urban courgettes

I have been thinking about writting a blog for about 3 years now... Put it down my To-Do list a few days ago and as I was really eager to tick a few entries today decided on that one! But obviously , despite having thought about it for 3 years, wasn't too sure what to write my first post on... Crochet? That would have been the obvious one as this would be my number one interest, well after my little girl obviously, but she probably does not fall in the interests category! Why I chose to write in english even though I am a french speaker? Well, not too sure myself, I guess I do think in english part of the time and it just feel right, but then, that might change when I realise that thinking in english is way easier than writting in english. So what was the exciting event of the day? Cooking my first home grown vegs! 3 beautiful courgettes grown in our tiny garden thanks to the well know London's sunshine! Turned them into delicious (if I say so myself...) rice, tomatoes and sausage stuffed courgettes, which seems to be going down really well with Jeanne who is eating one, supervised by super Dad, as I speak! Well... I guess I should go and join them!
Oh, should I give you a little update on the To Do list? 7 down, 2 up, 62 to go!

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