Monday, 1 November 2010

The ultimate "I made it myself" moment

Well I had a little help from the hubby, but really I mostly did that one myself!

Luce was finally born on the 21st Octobre! So no she is not a boy, and no that boy is not premature... I have to admit I have great instincts when it comes to guessing things about unborn babies, did the same with Jeanne, was convinced it was a boy even when the doctor pretty much told me it was a girl when not asked for so much info. Actually now I think that I was trying to convince myself, and that deep down I wanted another girl. Maybe partly because Jeanne was so set on having a sister, so I was really relieved when I found out. Plus as I was really sure it was a boy it came as a great surprise!
I also have been surprised by the way Jeanne reacted, I was expecting some reaction, but not that let's go back to square one of potty training, don't want to go to school, won't stay in my bed and eventually remove my nappy at night and try to sleep without one so that my mum can come and change the sheets at 3 in the morning between two feeds... But I am convince we will all survive! Today is our first day on our own and so far so good, it does feel like skydiving without a parachute, repeating to myself, so far, so good, so far, so good, but with the niggling feeling that something is bond to go wrong... But suprisingly I even had time to do 10 minutes of crochet today, so it has to be ok!

The to do list? Well, looking good, 39 items, less than 40!!!


  1. Nina est très inquiète de savoir où est François sur la photo.Je lui ai expliqué qu'il était sans doute derrière l'appareil photo mais il faut absolument que je te demande de la part de Nina "OU EST FRANCOIS" ????
    Sinon, moi, je la trouve très joli cette photo, François ou pas François. Et 10 lignes de crochet, peut-être, mais surtout, mise à jour du blog : so far, so good ! ;-)

  2. Best entry title ever! See you tomorrow :)