Wednesday, 30 November 2011


My last post was published 8 months ago... hum... not good... And really it is not for lack of thinking about it! I even started several drafts, one being about New Year's resolutions, among which was updating my blog regularly! I was actually getting ready to write on here a few weeks back, taking pictures, thinking of words when our life suddenly took an unwanted turn : we are to leave London to go and live in Corsica in a few months.
Many people would be so happy to make that move but if I must be truthful I am pretty devastated. I think the exact word is heartbroken : it feels just like going through a break up. It made me realised how much I love my life here : I made beautiful friends, we live in a lovely little house, I am really happy with Jeanne's school and was looking forward to get more involved, our neighbourhood is a great little community and I was starting to really feel part of it. I'll get over the house, I am hoping that Jeanne will be happy in any school (let's just hope she will be the kind of kid who fits in... the french educational system can be so narrow minded...), as  for the community... well there is no way to know ... It's like meeting someone new... I will miss the big city and its endless opportunities, its diversity, its limitless reservoir of new faces and new places... I guess, even though I grew up in a small city, or because of it, I am a city girl at heart. I like to know that I can open my front door, take a bus or tube and half an hour later discover a totally new place. But what I will miss the most are all those great people that have made my life what it is today. I just can't believe that they won't be here to celebrate the girls' next birthday...

Well enough of it for now, I am sure that you got my point : no need to tell me about the sunshine (I like the rain personally!) or the great outdoors, I am just not interested right now. Funny how I have always been excited about moving to new places in the past. I can't help thinking that this life was the one, I had found it and now it will soon be gone. Yes, truly heartbroken.

I am sorry for this tearful post but I just had to get it off my chest so that I could be back before 8 months to discuss much more trivial matters!

Oh and there is good news too : since we are moving I was able to tick lots of biggies from my to do list like make blinds and curtains and for a minute it was down to 14! Well that was before I added the Xmas shopping!


  1. Oh Liz, how sad for you. I know Kmmms is going to miss you desperately. She has been talking of your impending move with dread for a while now. But I can reassure you that she is such a great friend to have and she will never lose touch. She is so good at that. You'll always have her no matter where you are on this planet.


  2. I know this move is a big wrench for you. For what it's worth, it feels like a big wrench for us too. We will miss you all terribly. Knowing you, I really think you will make the best of it. And I promise, as Cuckoo has kindly stated, I am good at keeping in touch! We'll be saving up for the airfare. Love you xx