Friday, 30 July 2010

My not so little dirty secret

I was perusing over my to-do list this morning and realised I pretty much ticked all the easy and fast items and am now left with all my dreaded ones... Among them my tax return both here and in France, sewing some blinds, I am having a total mental block on that one but still insist I'll make them and won't buy any and clearing and decorating the third bedroom for the baby... The decorating isn't really what bums me out, the clearing is. Well this room does look like this at the moment :

Yes, this is our guest room / studio ... For months now guests had to sleep downstairs in the sofa bed of the living room, and not much sewing has been done for lack of space... Let's say it : it is a proper junk room... I thought we would manage to clear it and decorate it before I go in 2 weeks time for a month, but I really do not think it is going to happen... Which means I'll have to do it when 8 months pregnant. Not sure that child is ever going to have a bedroom! On a brighter note I think I chose the fabric for the blind (another one...) and the wallpaper, still debating on the colors though, waiting for swatches to arrive and make final decision.

I am not the tidiest person in the world, nor the most organised, which is too bad because my wildest fantasy is to have a boutique smeeling house tidy at all times, fresh flowers in every room, cake in the oven, homemade jam in the pantry and inhabited by kids wearing hand sewn clothes... Now, as for the boutique smeeling house that would be simple enough : lots of candles lit at all times, but they are neither very health friendly, nor eco-friendly. The tidiness I just don't have it in me... fresh flowers ends up dead flowers sitting around the house... Not much of a baker... I guess Jeanne has a few handmade pieces of clothing (more of that later). Before the age of blogs you could kid yourself in thinking that nobody really did all this... But then you discover that actually some people do... and have 3 kids... and work... and write craft books... But then they probably have to give up on something really valuable like playing blitz on Facebook, or spending hours trying to pick wallpaper on the internet to finally realise that really you need to see them in the flesh to decide on anything, or watch enlighting TV shows such as the Hotel Inspector...

The to-do-list? 56 to go but not going anywhere fast...

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