Friday, 6 August 2010

Let's pretend...

In my quest to become the perfect housewife (bar the tidiness which is just so not going to happen!) I decided that my family needed, and deserved more desserts. So yesterday I made some really yummy banana sandwiches, they are the sweet version of the croque-monsieur, but instead of ham and cheese you use caramelised bananas and put them in bread soaked in a mixture of eggs. milk, sugar and cinnamon and cook them in a pan with a fair amount of butter. Might sound dubious, but frankly it hits the spot! You can even turn it into a somewhat posh dessert by swaping the bread for brioche and serving it with vanilla ice-cream and toffee sauce.
It turned out to be a real success, so I told Francois that tonight I would make a blueberry and peaches cobbler I had a first try at last week, to which he answered that it was a good idea because he had not been convinced last week (everybody had seconds but him, I had put it down on the large amount of alcohol in his system)... So, as I am only pretending to be a perfect housewife I decided he would not get any dessert today as he does not appreciate them anyway, I'll just get him a beer out of the fridge, a lot less work, and that I would serve this dessert to a much more deserving and decerning crowd, aka the girls :

And the verdict was? Well out of 5 persons, 3 small, 2 big, 3 had seconds! The other two had better things to do apparently! Oh, and I would highly recommend the use of bibs for this one! And here it is :

I chose a picture with a bit of mess around the dish, just to remind everyone I am just pretending!

And now I am off to try to tick something off my list, I have been trying all day but the god of to-do lists is not on my side today...

The list, still the same... I did tick things off but then had to add a bunch... Still working on clearing the 3rd bedroom, will get there though...

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