Friday, 20 August 2010

The recipient

It seams the recipient of the blanket has quite happily adopted it!

This was taken last week-end and he was only 10 days old! Quite perfect. My brother thinks I am going to find it hard to do better in a couple of months... His / her blanket will be quite different in any case... Actually that baby is getting 2 blankets. A crochet one of course which is over half done already, but has been put aside for a little while to work on a few other projects, including the 2nd blanket :

It's a quilt I started las winter when visiting my dear friend Barbara in Michigan. Quilting is not one of my skills, it is more a fantasy of mine and every time I visit Barb I want to make one. It is only my second one and the first time I actually get to the quilting stage, Barb did quilt the other one. It is progressing very slowly as I do it by hand as I really like the hand quilted look, and being alone with Jeanne all day till dinner time and in bed by 10 these days I actually only have little time to spend on it.

We have been rather busy doing things leaning more toward this :

Yes, her grandfather had a PINK wetsuit made for her... and she has the matching PINK and SPARKLY mask... What more can a girl ask for?

Well the weather has now turned for the worse and Jeanne has had a fever since yesterday... Which was the only excuse she needed to watch Kirikou for the 4th and 5th time since we have been arrived less than a week ago...

The to-do list? It is probably still on the fridge at home...


  1. En revanche, le grand-père n'a pas du tout assuré pour les bouées de Jeanne!! Orange, c'est d'un commun... Nina en a des mauves, nananère !! ;-)

  2. c'est comme toujours la faute de la mere... ou plus precisement de l'intersport de Porto Vecchio qui n'avait rien d'autre. Le grand pere serait horrifie de voir que je ne fais pas assez confiance a la flottabilite de son oeuvre pour me passer des brassieres...