Monday, 27 September 2010

1.3kg butter, 1.5kg sugar and 24 eggs later...

Well I did make it to Jeanne's birthday party and pretty much cooked everything I intended to (well super husband did his fair share!). My main challenge was the pink butterfly shaped cake I had decided to bake, thanks to my friend Alex who lended me a really nice book called Birthday Cakes for Kids by Annie Rigg.
It was my first attempt at cake decorating and it did not go as bad as I was dreading :

The birthday girl was really hapy but then it was pink so I was not taking much risks there! Does not matter how sickly that pink shade is!

Of course it wasn't perfect, as in the previous days I had tried to really take it easy to make sure the baby wouldn't be born before the party... So we had ugly plastic glasses and no decorations to speak of, the music wouldn't work but the kids were being so loud that we would not have heard it anyway. But again who needs decorations when you have a whole dance studio to yourself and nice big piles of steps to pull down :

And built up again :

The kids went back home knackered and I suspect the grown-ups with a nice big headache, success all round then!

I didn't really have time to eat much during the party and decided, against all good judgement to make up for it in the evening. I settled nicely in front of the TV watching the new ITV Drama Lowndon Abbey, which I thought was pretty good, my sort of show (can't give birth on a Sunday evening now or I'll miss it...), some hommous and crakers, feta and sundried tomatoes savory cake and 2 pieces of the butterfly... A bit ambitious or down right stupid... Do you think unborn babies can have sugar rushes lasting all night keeping their mothers awake thinking they are about to give birth? Well I think they do... So a sleepless night it was, a long sleepless night...
Super husband came to the rescue again and stayed home today!

The to do list? down to 41 entries but nothing happening fast now as I turned into a real turtle...

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